Hi! I'm Sandahl Chavez. Pronounced like the shoe. Named after the actress, look it up! I'm married to my high school sweetheart, we have two handsome boys. They're the reason I love capturing such special moments.

My interest in photography started when I was a kid. I loved hearing stories from my dad about sports photography, seeing the pictures were so cool. I took photography in high school, back when it was all film. Ah, the developing room smells! Then life happened and 12 years later, after the birth of my first son, I purchased my first Dslr.

I fell in love! My favorite thing about being a photographer, capturing the real, open honesty of things. Lifestyle sessions make my heart happy. Being there with you and your family, partner, cat, dog, whoever, doing whatever you normally do and getting the real YOU out of that session. I love being a part of your life for that small moment in time, and preserving those beautiful memories forever.

I am an on location, lifestyle photographer. I love sunlight and colors. Finding cool, new locations excites me! I'm a super dork, goofy, fun loving girl. I hope that we can create something beautiful, soon!